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How to Use YouTube AI notetaker

1. Sign Up for Free

Head over to ScreenApp's website "Sign up for free." Follow the simple steps to create your account.

2. Choose Your YouTube Video

There are two ways to access the video you want notes on:

  • From YouTube: Find the YouTube video you want and keep it open in another tab.
  • Upload from Device: Click "Choose File" and select the YouTube video you downloaded (ensure you have permission to upload it).

3. Capture the Video (Optional)

If the video isn't readily available or you prefer to record something else, you can use ScreenApp's built-in tools:

  • Screen Recorder: Click the screen recorder icon to capture your screen and audio, including any YouTube video playing on your browser.
  • Audio Recorder: If it's just audio you need, use the audio recorder directly within ScreenApp.

4. Let the AI Work its Magic

Once you've chosen your video source, ScreenApp takes over! It will automatically transcribe the audio into text, creating a transcript alongside the video.

5. Dive into Notes and Summaries (Optional but Awesome!)

ScreenApp doesn't stop at just transcribing. It analyzes the video and generates helpful extras:

  • Notes: Get concise summaries of key points, helping you grasp the main ideas quickly.
  • Chat Feature: This innovative feature lets you ask questions about the video as if you're talking to someone who already watched it. ScreenApp will use the transcript and understanding of the content to provide answers!

6. Review, Edit, and Download

  • Review: Carefully check the transcript for accuracy.
  • Edit: Feel free to correct any part of the transcript if needed.
  • Download: When everything looks good, click "Download" to save your transcript, notes, and summaries in a format that suits you (e.g., .txt, .docx).

Congratulations! You now have a comprehensive understanding of the YouTube video, complete with a transcript, summaries, and the ability to ask questions through the chat feature. ScreenApp's YouTube Note Taker empowers you to learn from videos like never before!

Benefits of YouTube AI notetaker

Combine notes and videos in a single place

Keep easily accessible and shareable notes on videos and educational content, regardless of the source.

Better learning

Focus on the video content while ScreenApp's AI notetaker takes care of everything else, so you can learn better.

Save time

Stop manually taking notes and get more time to focus on the important stuff.

Never miss a detail

The AI notetaker captures every word, so you can always go back and review the important parts.

Share insights easily

Collaborate with friends and colleagues by sharing notes, highlights, and insights from videos.

Who is YouTube AI notetaker for?


Students can leverage ScreenApp's AI YouTube notetaker to streamline their learning process. The tool automatically transcribes lectures and educational videos, allowing students to easily review key concepts, search for specific information, and create comprehensive study notes. This saves time and promotes better understanding of course material.


Researchers can use ScreenApp's AI notetaker to quickly analyze interviews, webinars, and presentations relevant to their field. The tool's ability to summarize lengthy videos and pinpoint relevant sections allows researchers to focus on extracting insights rather than tediously transcribing content.

Content Creators

Content creators can use the AI notetaker to repurpose their existing YouTube videos. The generated transcripts and summaries can be easily transformed into blog posts, social media snippets, or even scripts for new derivative videos. This extends the reach of existing content and saves creators valuable time.


Businesses can adopt ScreenApp's AI YouTube notetaker to enhance internal knowledge sharing. Training videos, meeting recordings, and webinars can be transcribed and summarized, creating a searchable repository of company knowledge. This fosters better onboarding, collaboration, and access to important information across teams.

ScreenApp's YouTube AI notetaker FAQ

What is ScreenApp's YouTube AI notetaker?

ScreenApp's YouTube AI notetaker is a tool that automatically transcribes and summarizes YouTube videos, making it easy for you to take notes and learn from the content.

How does ScreenApp make notes from YouTube?

ScreenApp's AI notetaker uses advanced algorithms to analyze the audio and visual components of a YouTube video. It then generates a transcript of the video, along with a summary of the main points.

Is ScreenApp's YouTube AI notetaker free to use?

Yes, ScreenApp's YouTube AI notetaker is completely free to use. You can increase the notes limit with a plan.

Can I use ScreenApp's YouTube AI notetaker on mobile devices?

Currently, ScreenApp's YouTube AI notetaker is only available online. However, we are working on developing a mobile app.

What languages does ScreenApp's YouTube AI notetaker support?

ScreenApp's YouTube AI notetaker currently supports 50 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian.

Can I use ScreenApp's YouTube AI notetaker to take notes on live streams?

Yes, ScreenApp's YouTube AI notetaker shaines at taking notes on live streams.

Can I export my notes from ScreenApp's YouTube AI notetaker?

Yes, you can export your notes from ScreenApp's YouTube AI notetaker in a variety of formats, including PDF, Word, and HTML.

Is ScreenApp's YouTube AI notetaker secure?

Yes, ScreenApp's YouTube AI notetaker is secure. We use industry-standard encryption to protect your data.

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