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How to Use API

How to Setup the ScreenApp Plugin

1. Create a free ScreenApp account.

2. Subscribe to a Business account.

If you wish to test the plugin, you can sign up on a monthly basis.

3. Go to Settings > Plugin and enter your website URL

Select a domain for your screen recording widget

4. A token will be generated

ScreenApp API Token

5. Select the settings you wish to enable.

Screen Recorder API settings

6. Copy the Embed Code and paste it before the </body> tag in your website's HTML code.

Add this code before your </body> tag

7. Paste the JS code where you wish to enable the Screen Recorder.

Code to Embed a link to activate the Button, you can Style and change messaging

8. Success! Your screen recorder will be embedded automatically into your webpage

ScreenApp's Screen Recording Widget

Benefits of API

  • Accelerate Development Cycles and Problem Resolution:  Add robust screen recording and visual support tools to your application with minimal coding effort. Streamline issue troubleshooting and enhance user experiences within your ticketing system.
  • Seamless Integration for Fast Results: ScreenApp's meticulously crafted API and clear documentation are designed for developer convenience. Effortlessly  incorporate screen recording features into your existing workflows.
  • Customization Without Complexity: Tailor your screen recording capabilities to match the precise requirements of your platform and users. ScreenApp's adaptable API grants flexibility without excessive coding overhead.
  • Reliable Performance for a Smooth User Experience: Ensure consistent, uninterrupted screen recordings and data transfers thanks to ScreenApp's secure and robust API architecture.
  • Exceptional Developer Support: Get the help you need, when you need it. ScreenApp offers dedicated support channels to guarantee smooth API integration and address any potential questions.

Ready to transform your support processes and boost app functionality? Explore ScreenApp's API documentation today and witness how easy it is to empower your users with powerful visual communication tools.

Who is API for?

  • Interactive E-learning that Engages: Create dynamic tutorials, captivating video courses, and hands-on demonstrations. Screen recording elevates knowledge sharing and simplifies complex concepts.
  • Turbocharge Team Collaboration: Facilitate remote troubleshooting, seamless project discussions, and real-time screen sharing for efficient problem-solving and streamlined workflows.
  • Customer Support Reimagined: Empower support teams with visual troubleshooting tools. Screen recordings accelerate issue resolution and enhance documentation clarity.
  • Streamlined Software Development: Capture bugs in action, document development processes, and create comprehensive training materials – all made effortless with screen recording.

Why Developers Choose ScreenApp's API

  • Extend Your Application's Capabilities: Effortlessly add screen capture, video recording, desktop sharing, streaming functionalities, and more – all within your existing platform.
  • Ease of Integration: Clear documentation and intuitive API design for rapid implementation across a wide range of platforms.
  • Focus on Your Core Features: Let ScreenApp handle the complexities of screen recording so you can concentrate on delivering your unique product value.

Compatible Platforms

  • Popular CMS Integrations: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Squarespace, Wix, Google Sites
  • Code Repository & Hosting Services: GitHub Pages, Netlify, Vercel
  • Visual Design Tools: Webflow, Framer

Get Started: Explore ScreenApp's API documentation and discover the limitless integration opportunities for your project.

ScreenApp's API FAQ

What is a Screen Capture API?

A screen capture API (Application Programming Interface) is a software tool that lets applications and websites record what's happening on a user's screen. They're used for creating tutorials, demonstrations, game recordings, and much more.

Can I use ScreenApp's Screen Recorder API to record my screen?

Absolutely! ScreenApp's Screen Recorder API offers a user-friendly and powerful way to record your screen. With features like selecting specific windows or the entire screen, audio recording options, and various output formats, you have everything you need for top-quality screen recordings.

Can I send videos to our s3 bucket?

Yes! Contact Support to learn how

How do I record my screen with JavaScript using ScreenApp's API?

Integrating ScreenApp's Screen Recorder API into your JavaScript project is remarkably simple. Here's a quick overview:

  1. Include the ScreenApp API library in your web page.
  2. Use JavaScript functions provided by the API to initiate screen recording.
  3. Customize recording settings like resolution, audio inclusion, and desired output format.

Need more details? Contact support now

I'm worried about privacy. Can websites secretly record my screen?

Modern web browsers have safeguards in place to protect your privacy. Websites can only use screen recording with your explicit permission. You'll see a clear prompt asking for consent before any recording starts.

How do I make my own screen recorder using ScreenApp's API?

ScreenApp's Screen Recorder API provides the foundation for building your custom screen recording application. Here's what you'll need:

  1. Web Development Skills: Understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  2. ScreenApp API Integration: Familiarize yourself with the API documentation.
  3. User Interface Design: Create intuitive controls for recording options and settings.

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