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How to Use ScreenApp's Chrome Tab Audio Capture in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Click on "Start Recording"
  2. Pick Your Tab & Record:  Grant microphone access, choose the Chrome tab you want to record, and hit the record button. You're good to go!
  3. Click on stop and enjoy your recording!

Stop struggling with extensions and experience effortless Chrome tab audio capture with ScreenApp!


  • Record Chrome Audio Without Extensions: Ditch the hassle of installing and managing extensions. ScreenApp's web-based solution lets you capture Chrome tab audio directly from your browser in seconds.
  • Crystal Clear Sound: Isolate and record audio from any Chrome tab, ensuring perfect clarity for lectures, podcasts, or online music. No unwanted background noise!
  • Simple and User-Friendly: No complicated setup. Just visit ScreenApp, choose "Record Tab Audio," select your tab, and hit record. It's that easy!

Who Needs ScreenApp's Chrome Tab Audio Capture?

  • Students: Capture online lectures and presentations for easy review. Never miss a beat!
  • Remote Workers: Record audio conferences and meetings directly from your browser for future reference.
  • Content Creators: Isolate specific audio clips from webpages for your projects without downloading extra software.
  • Anyone Who Needs Chrome Audio: If you need to capture sound from a Chrome tab, ScreenApp offers a quick and convenient solution.

ScreenApp's Chrome Tab Audio Capture FAQ

What makes ScreenApp's Online Chrome Tab Audio Capture unique?

ScreenApp is the only online tool on the market that lets you capture audio directly from a Chrome tab without needing to install any software extensions! This makes it incredibly convenient and accessible for anyone who needs to record browser audio quickly and easily.

How to record Chrome tab with audio?

With ScreenApp, you don't need to record your entire screen! Simply head over to the ScreenApp website and choose the "Record Tab Audio" option.exclamation Grant microphone access when prompted, and then select the Chrome tab you want to capture audio from. Hit record, and you're good to go!

Does Chrome record audio?

Chrome itself doesn't have a built-in audio recording function for your tabs.expand_more

How do I record my screen with internal audio on Chrome?

While Chrome can't capture internal audio on its own, ScreenApp offers a separate screen recording option that allows you to record your entire desktop screen along with the system audio.

What is record tab sound?

Record tab sound refers to capturing the audio specifically coming from a Chrome tab, such as a lecture, podcast, or online music. ScreenApp allows you to isolate and record this audio stream without including any other sounds from your computer.

How do I enable voice recording in Chrome?

There isn't a direct way to enable voice recording within Chrome for webpages.exclamation However, ScreenApp lets you record your microphone alongside the Chrome tab audio, allowing you to add narration or commentary to your recording.

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